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How it Started

I was 17 years old. There I was sitting on the floor in the corridor of my music college. I had my classical guitar in my hands & I was looking at this 180+ page book that was suppose to make me into a jazzer. It was full of patterns & all this jumbled out notes - supposedly the stuff that was gonna make me into a jazz guitarist.

Then, my friend passed by. He was an amazing rock guitarist that with serious skills. He seemed like he could play with so much soul with every solo. (I was the awkward geeky dude).

I played some of the examples in the book. He listened for awhile and then asked what I was playing. I said I was learning jazz & he shrugged. He said something like it didn't sound like jazz.

I was devastated man. There I was with this awesome book (so I thought) but after trying these ideas again & again, I couldn't play anything remotely that sounded like jazz. And boy, did I want to sound like a jazz guitarist (or at least know something of jazz!)

The Revelation

For the longest time, I didn't know what I did wrong. I didn't know how to do THE RIGHT THING. How do I learn jazz? How?

I spent time learning all sorts of scale fingerings, CAGED systems, 3-note per strings, modes… you name it, I’ve probably tried it.

It took years.

Until I realised the solution was right in front of me.

Jazz is a language. 

So when you learned to speak as a kid, did anyone teach you every single grammatical rule first? No, you learn to say simple sentences first. Or words! Just words.

So how does this relate to jazz?

Well, in jazz you got to learn jazz guitar licks. This is just like learning practical sentences when you learn a foreign language. Like asking, “Where is the market?” or “Where is the bus stop?” Things like that. We start with the practical.

So with jazz, you can do the same thing. Learn the common phrases. Learn jazz guitar licks. Which is what I’ve been doing, transcribing (learning from recordings) and composing my own as part of my study of jazz for the past 21 years.

Now you can do the same thing.

Go find a good recording (on Spotify, YouTube or on a CD — if you have jazz CDs) And find cool jazz guitar licks & then learn them by ear. This is A GREAT WAY to learn. It’s the way many people have learned (including myself). But, this can be hard…

You may not know where to start or which licks are useful. Maybe you want a guided collection. This is why I created the Supersaver Jazz Guitar Bundle.

What can you get for $17?

How about getting 50 jazz guitar licks that you can use to improve your jazz guitar skills?

How about 2 practical e-books with important knowledge that you can apply immediately?

I'm offering this $17 Mini Jazz Bundle so that more people can learn from me. Most things you can get for $17 won't last & most won't help you become a better musician. :p

Here are the details:

[Special $17 Offer - BASIC]

1) 50 Jazz Guitar Licks

You get 50 jazz guitar licks, strong idiomatic great sounding jazz licks for major7, minor7, diminished and 7th chords. These include bebop, chromatic, modern jazz and swing based lines that are designed to increase your jazz vocabulary. No fillers here, just great licks! 

Each lick is in both standard notation & TAB.

The Az Samad Guitar Method mini e-books:

2) 2 Octave Major Scales

These are the main major scale fingerings that I teach my private students for technique and improvisational practice)

3) Major 7th Chord Voicings

These are the core major 7th chord voicings you must know in every key. My private guitar students start with these voicings before moving on to more complex sounds.


Want more? 

Add $9 more and get the

This comes with my book (Regular Price USD$10 - you get it for USD$9 (that's a 10% discount!) 


Want to really save?

Get the by adding USD$24 and to own all my 3 jazz eBooks:

1) Jazz Improvisation Uncovered

Julian Lage described this book as "A beautiful meditation on the craft and life of a practicing musician, this book is filled with insights from a master player."

2) Jazz Guitar Licks & Etudes

The President of the Macau Jazz Promotion Association, Mars Siu-Hong Lee said this book is, "Such a compact book of practical materials for every serious jazz musician, which helps to craft one's musicality as well as creativity."

3) Jazz Guitar Licks & Etudes 2 

"A simple & detailed guide book for those who are looking for ideas on exercises, jazz improvisations. This book contains many ideas that will open up your mind on guitar playing."

You also SAVE USD$6 (that's a 20% discount!) off the regular price elsewhere.

Get now. :)       


[About the Author]

"Az Samad is a master of expression. Every note he plays comes from a place of deep musical knowledge and understanding. He can use his guitar to say "I love you" in 17 languages."
Jon Gomm, UK Acoustic Singer-Songwriter and Virtuoso Guitarist

"Az Samad is THE Malaysian guitar hero. Not only is he an incredibly soulful and accomplished player, he is a talented and well respected educator in all aspects of the guitar. He is also a super nice guy with a wicked sense of humour. Miss him at your peril!"
Mike Dawes, English Virtuoso Fingerstyle Guitarist & Recording Artist with Candyrat Records

"I've been taking jazz guitar lesson from Az for the past 13 months. It's a really satisfying process as Az slowly 'demystify' jazz to me step by step. I came to realise that jazz is not as scary as i thought when you have the right guidance and a great teacher. Az made the process of learning to play jazz really fun. I strongly recommend to anyone who wanna learn how to play jazz or improvise to take lesson with Az! His enthusiasm and passion will definitely make you a better player!"
Seng Jinn, Jazz Guitar Student, Singapore

"Lessons with Az are an absolute pleasure and regularly the most enjoyable 2 hours of my week. I have now bolstered my knowledge of music thanks to Az's relentless enthusiasm and encouragement. His lessons are structured and well prepared with the focus on what you want to learn rather than what he wants to teach you. Great guitarist, great teacher, great guy. I wouldn't hesitate at all in recommending him to any guitar player of any level of skill looking for a teacher and a mentor."
Ranveer Singh, Jazz, Harmony and Composition student

"Az Samad had been one of the most inspiring guitar instructor I’d came across. Not just his skills and techniques that make him a great teacher, but his level of understandings, experiences, thoughts and patients. What I learned most from Az is the way and method he uses to learn and practice, from breaking apart a song and analyse it note to note to fixing some basic foundation that many had ignored but would actually make a huge different in our playing. Learning with Az had been a wonderful experience.”
Joyie Xinyuer Lai, Jazz Guitar, Harmony & Fingerstyle Guitar Student

"Az Samad's guitar masterclass was inspiring, enlightening and entertaining all at once! For the 3 student performers, we saw how applying Az's advice resulted in an immediate and tangible improvement in their performance.

It was a wonderful session not only for the selected student performers but also for the rest of us in the audience. The Institute of Music looks forward to having Az again."
Justin Lim, Head of Contemporary Music Program, The Institute of Music, UCSI University

"During my 7 years as a guitar student, I took private lessons with over 10 guitarists. Some of them being classical guitarists, some rock guitarists, and some jazz guitarists. Some of them being world-class performers, Berklee College of Music professors, or active guitarists in the local scene. But studying with Az Samad was definitely one of the most profound and musically enriching experience for me. His continuous and incessant passion and curiosity in guitar, motivated and inspired me to constantly work harder. Az also showed me that there is no limit when it comes to guitar, and there is always something to practice. On top of that, it is clearly evident that Az wants all of his students to succeed. Every single week, Az would go over and give feedback on all the materials I worked on, and he constantly gives information and opportunities that will benefit me or his other students. Lastly, it is absolutely unbelievable how much knowledge Az has. For almost every lesson, I would come in with different topics and questions. We covered so many different styles and topics such as: bebop line building, compositional techniques, classical guitar techniques, solo guitar, transcribing, Bach, pentatonics, soloing strategies, and so much more. For every one of these topics and questions, Az always seem to know the detailed answer, and more importantly, ways to improve and solve the question/problem I had. Az, thank you so much for all that you've taught me!"
Chris Lee, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (Jazz Guitar Student)

"I wish I took a few guitar classes with Az when I first started--it would’ve saved me a few years worth of frustration! Instead of teaching me 20 songs and a few flashy techniques, Az thought me how to learn whatever I wanted. He really helped open my eyes to ‘invisible techniques’ that rhythm guitarists use to get the effect that they want. The only negative thing I came away with from the class is a new-found obsession with creating Youtube lists and finding folk songs with subtle tempo changes. You have been warned!"
Ariff, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (Singer-Songwriter Guitar Course Student) 

"The general saying out there is that one is either a performer or an educator and never really both. But I think Az has got both sides down pat and he even covers this in one of his lessons. So not only do you learn technique, but you do learn some stage/ performance craft as well! I initially started out nervous and thinking I wasn't smart enough to be able to fully comprehend everything. But Az brings music into an understanding that you can personally relate to, and by my 12th lesson I felt more confident in my playing and was more conscious on what I was doing around the fret board. Az also knows how to bring out hidden knowledge in your subconscious to a whole new level and you will then say to yourself 'WHOA!' *brain explosion*"
Li-Ying, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (Electric Guitar Student)

"I have been playing electric and acoustic guitar on and off for about 18 years. Being primarily self-taught, I focused on just learning songs that I wanted to play and completely ignored all other aspects of developing my playing - from theory to technique, and everything else in between.

I joined Az because I became frustrated with my inability to fully understand what I was playing, and I wanted to learn how to improvise and translate the licks I heard in my head onto the fretboard.

Learning from Az has been transformative for my guitar playing. He is equally as gifted as a player, as he is as a teacher, and he has helped me develop into a much more well-rounded guitar player with noticeably improved playing ability.

Part of Az’s “special sauce” is his ability to take complex, seemingly daunting material, and translate them into easy-to-understand bite sized concepts in a manner that made it incredibly easy for me to grasp - where previously I had failed at learning the same concepts online/through other material.

Highly recommended!"
Anand Krishnan, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (Electric Guitar Student) 


Guitarist-Composer-Educator Az Samad has recorded with Grammy Winners Flaco Jiménez & Max Baca; graduated & taught at the prestigious Berklee College of Music; performed in the United States, Europe & Asia; and appeared on 22 CDs ranging in styles from Tex-Mex, Contemporary Jazz to solo acoustic guitar. His works have been described as “richly textured, poetic and atmospheric”. His first book, Jazz Improvisation Uncovered received critical acclaim from jazz guitarist Julian Lage and Berklee professor Abigail Zocher.

An experienced performer, Az has performed with virtuoso violinist Roby Lakatos, former Guns N’ Roses guitarist Bumblefoot, singer-songwriter Zee Avi, funky fingerstyle guitarist Adam Rafferty and percussive fingerstyle guitarist Mike Dawes. Az also frequently performs as part of the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra and was the classical guitar soloist for the Distant Worlds: Music from Final Fantasy Kuala Lumpur concert conducted by Arnie Roth.

Az has been exploring Malay jazz including the music of P. Ramlee, Jimmy Boyle and most recently Singapore’s Zubir Said. As the musical director and guitarist for A Zubir Said Tribute, Az lead 5 shows at Esplanade Outdoor Theatre, Singapore with an 11-piece ensemble performing brand new arrangements he wrote.

Previously based in Berkeley, California; Az now lives in Kuala Lumpur.

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Supersaver Jazz Guitar Bundle (Ver 1.0)

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