How to Make Money as a Content Creator: The Basics

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So many content creators make content but no money...

  • Have you been making content online but are confused how to actually made any money from it?
  • Have you been watching YouTube videos on this topic but still haven't figured out what to do next?

Well, if you are - you might be at the right place.

I've been in your shoes (well not the exact shoes, but I mean the metaphorical shoes) and I have learned a lot from making content over the years.

After getting questions from different people over the years, you can finally get what my 1-on-1 clients have been discovering.

Clients like Berklee College of Music guitar professor, Jon Finn:

Jon has been investing his time every Tuesday morning (which is my Tuesday night here in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia).

In fact, he wrote this email to me, sharing his experience so far:

So what did he discover from this sessions?

Welcome to: How to Make Money as a Content Creator: The Basics

You will get a concise video course with real world insights from what I've done over the past 20 years as an active content creator.


Tried it. Used it to create, promote & launch 3 music albums!


Yes, done it. I can tell you what worked for me & why. 

Yes, I create courses & have figured out what works for me (and why).

One of my courses has generated more than US$19,000 (about RM76,000) in sales. 

Affiliate sales? 
Yes, done that. Including products that give 50% commision (yes 50% and some even more!)

Making money from Ads on YouTube & blogs?
Yes, done that. Gotten paid for that!

Facebook Stars?
Yup, doing that (and I just got my first payment from Facebook recently!)

This might be for you if:

  • You're a content creator but don't know how to make money from what you do
  • You've read a lot about monetization but you're confused what will work (or what is the best for you)
  • You want to know what methods are most likely to be successful
  • You want to be content creator and make money as early as possible
  • You don't like to waste time and don't believe the B.S. of building an audience for several years before making money

This is NOT FOR YOU if:

  • You don't like to do hard work especially at the start
  • You tend to start many things but don't finish projects

What's in the course?

You get real world tips & insights of the most important things that have helped me make money online as a content creator.

There are three modules:

Module 1: The Basics of Making Money

  • Introduction
  • 2 ways to make money
  • The reality behind the 3 standard monetization models
  • The Different Ways I've Made Money as a Content Creator

Module 2: From Content to Content Marketing 

  • Purpose Driven Content
  • Creating campaigns
  • Data driven iterations

Module 3: Your Business Model

  • A Content Creator's Business Model
  • David Perell Case Study
  • What I Do
  • Sell from the start
  • Understand rented and owned properties


  • BONUS 1: 7 Instagram Power Tips (VIDEO) & 7 Instagram Power Tips (PDF Summary)

  • BONUS 2: Marketing & Promotion Basics on Social Media (VIDEO)
    In this video, you'll hear me answer some questions on marketing, promotion and when to sell.

  • BONUS 3: Email Marketing Basics (VIDEO)
    In this video, I answer three questions I received about email marketing.

  • BONUS 4: How do you make your Livestreams more successful? (VIDEO)
    Are you curious how some Facebook pages get more people watching their livestreams? Or... how some people have super supporters who love watching every livestream? Watch this video for 7 TIPS that you can use for your next livestream.

  • BONUS 5: Blogging or Email Marketing? (VIDEO)
    What works better? Blogging or email marketing? Should you choose one or both? In this video, you'll find out the reason why you should do each (and what I do)

  • BONUS 6: When is the best time to post on social media? (VIDEO)
    There are so many opinions about this. But what is the best way to find out? In this concise video, you get the exact way I choose my social media post timings.

  • BONUS 7: Tips on Promoting your product (VIDEO)
    What if you have only one product? How can you promote it? When should you promote it? In this video, you get my no BS answer.

Excerpts from the BONUS VIDEOS:

Excerpt from BONUS 5: Blogging or Email Marketing?

Excerpt from BONUS 4: How do you make your Livestreams more successful?

Who is Az Samad?

A 3-time TEDx Speaker, Guitarist-Composer-Educator Az Samad has recorded with Grammy Winners Flaco Jiménez & Max Baca; graduated & taught at Berklee College of Music; performed in the United States, Europe & Asia; and appeared on 22 CDs ranging in styles from Tex-Mex, Contemporary Jazz to solo acoustic guitar. His first book, Jazz Improvisation Uncovered received critical acclaim from jazz guitarist Julian Lage. In addition to that, Az has released 9 other educational jazz products including instructional videos and eBooks.

Az is an advocate & performer of Malay Jazz, focusing on the music of P. Ramlee & Jimmy Boyle. He has given talks & performed internationally including Jarasum International Jazz Festival (South Korea), Hong Kong International Jazz Festival (Hong Kong), multiple appearances at the Penang Islanad Jazz Festival (Malaysia), Borneo Jazz Festival (Malaysia), Mosaic Music Festival (Singapore), Thailand International Jazz Conference (Thailand) & Taipa Houses Museum Amphitheatre (Macau) invited by the The Civic and Municipal Affairs Bureau and the Cultural Bureau, in collaboration with Macau Jazz Promotion Association. Az has also performed the top jazz venues in Kuala Lumpur including No Black Tie, Bobo KL, Alexis Great Eastern Mall & Mezze Lounge.

An experienced performer, Az has performed with virtuoso violinist Roby Lakatos, former Guns N’ Roses guitarist Bumblefoot, singer-songwriter Zee Avi, funky fingerstyle guitarist Adam Rafferty and percussive fingerstyle guitarist Mike Dawes. Az has performed as part of the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra and was the classical guitar soloist for the Distant Worlds: Music from Final Fantasy Kuala Lumpur concert conducted by Arnie Roth.

Az is a guest composer for the music-based action-adventure video game, No Straight Roads. His DK West Encounters songs combines rap with Malaysian traditional music elements including Dikir Barat.

Currently, Az develops online guitar courses in Malay to help guitarists develop their skills from beginner to professional. Az also shares his experience via the ‘Malaysian Musicians on CH’ room in the Clubhouse app alongside Malaysian rap icon & entrepreneur Altimet. Together with singer-songwriters Zee Avi & Brendan de Cruz, Az hosts Nada Music MY, a weekly open mic series featuring up-and-coming musicians in the Malaysian music scene. 

Testimonials for course students:

From Azam, he said:

And he even recorded this video:

And Azrai said this:

Here's what you're getting:

(VIDEO) Course Videos ($200 Value)

✅ BONUS 1a: (VIDEO) 7 Instagram Power Tips ($10 Value)

✅ BONUS 1b: (PDF) 7 Instagram Power Tips Summary ($5 Value)

✅ BONUS 2: (VIDEO) Marketing & Promotion Basics on Social Media ($15 Value)

✅ BONUS 3: (VIDEO) Email Marketing Basics ($10 Value)

✅ BONUS 4: (VIDEO) How do you make you Livestreams more successful? ($10 Value)

✅ BONUS 5: (VIDEO) Blogging or Email Marketing? ($5 Value)

✅ BONUS 6: (VIDEO) When is the best time to post on social media? ($5 Value)

✅ BONUS 7: (VIDEO) Tips on Promoting your product ($5 Value)



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How to Make Money as a Content Creator: The Basics

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