Guitar Chord Power-Up Pack

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100 beautiful & powerful chord progression exercises that level up your guitar chord vocabulary today!


What do you get?

This is a video & eBook set that increases your guitar chord vocabulary.

You get a 36-page eBook notated in chord diagrams of great sounding chord shapes for 100 chord progressions examples. 

In addition to the eBook, the videos demonstrate EVERY SINGLE EXAMPLE in the eBook so that you can see & hear how they sound in context.

The videos are in HD Quality (1080p) so you get great quality video.

If you're watching from your phone or if you don't have fast internet, you can also choose to download a ZIPPED file with all the videos in 480p quality (Total file size: 1.16 GB)

Each chord progression comes with 4 variations each. 

  • A F#minor D E Variations
  • Bb Gminor Eb F Variations
  • C Amin F G Variations
  • Cmin7 Ebmaj7 Dmin7b5 G7 Variations
  • D Bminor G A Variations
  • Dminor7 G7 Cmajor7 Amin7 Variations
  • E C#minor A B Variations
  • Eb Cminor Ab Bb Variations
  • F Dminor Bb C Variations
  • G Em C D Variations
  • Ab Fminor Db Eb Variations
  • Db Bbminor Gb Ab Variations
  • Gb Ebminor Cb Db Variations
  • B G#minor E F# Variations
  • Fminor Abmajor7 Gminor7b5 C7 Variations
  • Bbminor Dbmaj7 Cmin7b5 F7 Variations
  • Ebminor Gbmaj7 Fmin7b5 Bb7 Variations
  • Abminor Cbmaj7 Bbmin7b5 Fb7 Variations
  • Dbminor Fbmaj7 Ebmin7b5 Ab7 Variations
  • Gbminor Bbbmaj7 Abmin7b5 Db7 Variations
  • Bminor Dmaj7 C#min7b5 F#7 Variations
  • Eminor Gmaj7 F#min7b5 B7 Variations
  • Aminor Cmaj7 Bmin7b5 E7 Variations
  • Dminor Fmaj7 Emin7b5 A7 Variations
  • Gminor Bbmaj7 Amin7b5 D7 Variations



"I've bought this. This book is good. Good exercises to make sure fingers are stronger and good to press guitar chords. Chord vocabulary will also increase. A must buy book for guitarists of all genres." - Sazaly Basarian

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is this for?

Guitarists who play styles like:

  • pop
  • rock
  • R&B
  • funk
  • jazz
  • neo-soul
  • blues

2. I'm a beginner guitarist. Is this suitable for me?
Yes! You can benefit from practicing these beautiful chord progressions. Some of these are more challenging but most have examples suitable for guitarists who have been playing 3 months to a year.

3. I know a lot of chords already. What makes this different than a chord dictionary?
Most chord dictionaries DO NOT show chords in context. This pack gives you great sounding chords that move in the right way so that they are beautiful in context. You can use these in your songs and jams instantly once you can play them!

4. Is this worth my 40 bucks?
Yes it is!

You can find free things online but these exercises are designed to sound good. Most online guitar lesson content is designed to make you subscribe & be addicted to their content so they can make advertising money (especially YouTube). 

All I want you to experience from this is the experience of playing great chord shapes. In the end, if you improve, you might just get more videos and material from me!

Okay, I'm ready to get this. What do I do?

Click "I want this" now :)

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Guitar Chord Power-Up Pack

6 ratings
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