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Keepin' It Real: How To Use Music Theory in the Real World (And Sound Awesome!)

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+ Does music theory scare you?

+ Has formal music training trapped you from being creative?

+ Do you feel like theory & real music are 2 different things?

Typical music theory is DRY and BORING.
You learn about RULES & how you must do certain things. 

I don't believe in what you've been normally told.
A lot 'conventional wisdom' doesn't work.
But not many people will tell you this.

Most teachers will just repeat whatever their previous teacher told them. That's why most typical musicians feel like music theory is this separate thing you just learn for some theory exam to get your Grade 5 or Grade 8 exam qualification.

A whole new world

+ What if you knew how music theory and real world music work together?
+ What if music theory actually helped instead of limit your creativity?
+ What if I could show you how it works?

How this came about

On March 19 2012, I conducted a workshop at a music college in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 

For that select group of music students, a small number of them signed up for my e-mail list.

Those 8 students (yes, 8 students) received this special audio training.

Now, this has NEVER been offered outside of that workshop. 

I was going through my old e-mails and found this material.

I thought to myself:

"Would this help people?"

So here we are.

This is it.

What are you getting?

+ A 12-minute exclusive audio training to help you understand how music theory REALLY works (& how to use theory) to make real music

+ A 10-page PDF to accompany the audio training including
✅The original Keepin' it Real worksheet 

and UPDATED with

+ Easy to Understand Music Theory Basic Lessons on: 
✅How to Build a Major Scale (in every key)
✅Triads You Must Know & Diatonic Triads in a Major Scale
✅How to Build Diatonic 7th Chords in a Major Scale

But I thought if I just gave this stuff it would be awesome... but how could I make it even better for you?

So I added 8 bonuses for you.

You'll get:

8x Bonuses

✅BONUS #1: (Video) The Importance of Art (from The France Monologues)

✅BONUS #2: (Video) The Path of Creativity (from The France Monologues)

✅BONUS #3: (PDF) Essential Jazz Blues Chord Progressions

✅BONUS #4: (EP) Poskad Dari Shanghai

✅BONUS #5: (Video) How Much Music Theory Do You Need?

✅BONUS #6: (Video) How Much Music Theory Do You Need for Guitar Playing?
✅BONUS #7: (PDF) Modes of the Major Scale

✅BONUS #8: (PDF) Modes of the Melodic Minor Scale

Who is this for:

+ Music Teachers
+ Music Students
+ Composers
+ Performers
+ Amateur Musicians
+ Music College Students
+ Instrumentalists
+ Music Geeks

Here's what you're getting:

✅A 12-minute exclusive Keepin' It Real audio training & 10-page PDF ($7)

✅(Video) The Importance of Art ($3 Value)

✅(Video) The Path of Creativity ($3 Value)

✅(PDF) Essential Jazz Blues Chord Progressions ($5 Value)

✅(EP) Poskad Dari Shanghai ($5 Value)

✅(Video) How Much Music Theory Do You Need? ($3 Value)

✅(Video) How Much Music Theory Do You Need for Guitar Playing? ($3 Value)

✅(PDF) Modes of the Major Scale ($3 Value)

✅(PDF) Modes of the Melodic Minor Scale ($3 Value)



This levels you up!

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Keepin' It Real: How To Use Music Theory in the Real World (And Sound Awesome!)

4 ratings
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