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The France Monologues: Roadmaps for your life as an artist

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Unleash your creative potential

"To keep creating you have to be about change." - Miles Davis

Does making art excite you? 

Do you remember the first time you heard a piece of music that made you feel so inspired that you thought...

"This is so amazing. I have to make something like this."

You are an artist.

You feel the calling to make art... but some days can be rough.

You enjoy making art...

...but not so much dealing with the business

OR the annoying people you meet

OR the naysayers who don't believe that you have what it takes....

Shape your reality

+ Are you happy?

+ Are you in your dream career?

+ Are you living your perfect life?

If you're not, you're not alone.

I've had tons of crappy gigs with bad sound, less ideal situations & stressful moments dealing with people around me.

Over time I realised what was responsible for my music career. 

The road less taken

I've been playing music for the past 23 years.

There's been ups & downs. 

Some days on stage I was at the top of the world feeling creatively lit on fire.

Stages like the:

  • Jarasum International Jazz Festival, South Korea
  • Hong Kong International Jazz Festival
  • Culturefest WV, USA
  • Penang Island Jazz Festival, Malaysia
  • Mosaic Music Festival, Singapore

Some days I was alone at home questioning my choices in life.

Have you ever asked yourself:

  • "Why do I do this?"
  • "Is it worth it?"
  • "Am I meant to do art?"

The moment this was born

In a small village in France, I had time to reflect on music, life and creativity.

I took a walk & recorded myself talking about some of the most important lessons I've learned about music so far.

Discover 16 keys for your successful music career

Seems like a bunch of simple things BUT it's not about the words. It's about the interpretation of the words.

The meaning that we give shapes our reality.

Why do you get crappy gigs?

You might not want to hear what I want to say in these videos.

You might not be ready for it.

In fact, you might listen to me talk & still not get the extent of what I'm sharing. 

I can't tell you if you're ready for this but I can tell you that I'm sharing my honest truth - the same insights that are guiding my creative process now.

If your career is going perfect, then you these videos might not be for you.

If you need some kind of guidance, then read on...

What are the 16 Keys?

During this brief walk in the village, I reflected on these 16 words:

1. art

2. expression

3. commerce

4. career

5. emotion

6. objectivity

7. detachment

8. attachment

9. creativity

10. adaptability

11. resilience

12. trust

13. collaboration

14. persistence

15. determination

16. patience

As I reflected on these words, I shared the meaning of each filtered through 23 years of experience in the music world.

From my time as:
+ a working musician in Malaysia

+ a student & later faculty member at Berklee College of Music's Summer Guitar Sessions

+ a musician in the San Francisco Bay Area

+ a professional & touring musician based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

You've learn my key learnings. I shared them in these videos.

The videos are very direct.
The 16 videos are short.
Some are less than a minute long.

But, don't think of the length.

I purposely stated what is needed & nothing more.

I could have made these videos WAY LONGER but I didn't because I wanted you to finish watching these videos & actually use the ideas I share.

UPDATE: The Singapore Monologues

A select group of artists went through The France Monologues. After getting feedback from them, I've decided to record additional videos that go deeper into each of the 16 keys.

I've recorded all the 16 of the videos so far in Singapore during my recent trip. Named 'The Singapore Monologues', these videos (totalling 1 hour & 24 mins) are included for all current buyers of The France Monologues for price of US$67.

Get this now and save

Right now:

Get USD$125 worth of material

for only USD$67

You will receive:
✅Videos on the 16 keys for your successful music career
✅Practical Tips on Applying these for your situation
✅7 Select Bonuses worth a total of USD$51

That's a good deal!

Click "I want this" now before the price goes up.

What Artists Have To Say

"The France Monologue is really amazing in a way, although this piece by Az is not about music theory or guitar technic but it has amazing content in it and it is designed not only for musician but for all kind of artist somemore! The France Monologue definitely will give you some thought about your art career and also show you new perspective toward your art career. I can see Az really put some real thought in The France Monologue and also The Singapore Monologue which is added later for deeper explanation for each topic. Lastly Az is really generous , not only did he add The Singapore Monologue but also he put some extra stuff in the bundle!" - Lim Zheng Yang, Guitarist

"All the advice/tips/definition you gave in the video were very useful and important for art people. The France Monologues also gave me a lot of lesson & inspiration to continue my journey in music. Thank you." - Saiful Hazman, Classical Guitarist

"Good stuff! It is a different kind of input which is a good approach since people focus a lot on music theory, guitar techniques but they often neglect mental conditioning materials like this one." - Zulkarnain Azman, Singer-Guitarist 

Bonus 7x

In addition to the videos, you will also receive US$51 bonuses. That's worth more than the price you're paying!

✅BONUS #1: (Album) Poskad Dari Malaysia (US$10 Value)

✅BONUS #2: (eBook) Jazz Improvisation Uncovered (US$10 Value)

✅BONUS #3: (eBook) Jazz Guitar Licks & Etudes (US$10 Value) 

✅BONUS #4: (PDF) 50 Hip Jazz Guitar Tips (US$10 Value)

✅BONUS #5: (Video) Effective Lick Practice Tips (US$3 Value) 

✅BONUS #6: (EP) Live at Bobo KL - The Jazz Bromance (US$5 Value)

✅BONUS #7: (Video) How Much Music Theory Do You Need? (US$3 Value)

Who is this for:

+ Musicians

+ Music Students

+ Visual Artists

+ Performers

+ Creatives

+ Photographers

+ Instrumentalists

+ Arts Professionals

+ Arts Enthusiasts thinking of getting into a career in the arts 

Here's what you're getting:

✅(Video) The France Monologues (US$27 Value)

✅(Video) The Singapore Monologues (US$47 Value)

✅(Album) Poskad Dari Malaysia (US$10 Value)

✅(eBook) Jazz Improvisation Uncovered (US$10 Value)

✅(eBook) Jazz Guitar Licks & Etudes (US$10 Value)

✅(PDF) 50 Hip Jazz Guitar Tips (US$10 Value)

✅(Video) Effective Lick Practice Tips (US$3 Value) 

✅(EP) Live at Bobo KL - The Jazz Bromance (US$5 Value)

✅(Video) How Much Music Theory Do You Need? (US$3 Value)


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The France Monologues: Roadmaps for your life as an artist

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