Yummy Jazz Guitar Chords: Creative Chord Control 101

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Guitarists say goodbye to "It's complicated"

You're in the living room at this party and someone asks you to play guitar.

Your friends are sceptical. They've never seen you play guitar before.

And suddenly...

Right there and then, you started playing beautiful jazz guitar chords.

These amazing sounds, classy and elegantly played...

They couldn't figure out how you transformed from a 3-chord guitar dude to this jazzy guitar guy.

It all started here.

Picture yourself playing flowing jazz chords the way your favorite guitarist does

You're playing cool chord shapes that flow beautifully.

It sounds great & feels great!

If you're tired of overcomplicated video lessons teaching jazz guitar, then this is the video for you.

Yummy Jazz Guitar Chords transforms your playing from ordinary to creative.

If you want it, come and get it!

6 Jazz Guitar Secrets used by Pro Musicians Revealed

Find out about:

✓ THE 5 SUPER FRIENDS - A specific set of chords that powers your way through jazz standards, R&B songs and jazz infused pop songs. 

✓ THE FLOWER BLOOM - a simple strategy to 10x even 100x your chord vocabulary using ordinary chord shapes making them into the extraordinary, unique creative sounds you've heard on albums.

✓ VOICELEADING FLOW - this is the chord dictionary killer and what allows you to free from the tyranny of having to always open a chord book. Throw those generic chord books away & make your chords all flow.

✓ THE GREENE CONNECTION - a specific concept I discovered through careful study of chord guru Ted Greene's classic books. He doesn't talk about it but I found out about it from carefully dissecting pages and pages of his amazing chord work

✓ THE RW TEST - this is the one thing you must do to make sure no chord is wasted. Have you ever learned a chord just to forget it days later? This keeps it in your memory bank.

✓ STYLE MORPHING - don't be limited by one style of music. Understand style morphing to power-up your chords and free from the limits of only using it in one style of music. Players like Nile Rodgers, Wayne Krantz, Julian Lage all understand this concept, wait till you see what it does for your playing.

These strategies are what separate amateurs and professionals!

It's not that these are difficult, it's just that most teachers have no clue how to explain this in a simple manner.

Get the EASY explanation so you save time. I'm not saying you don't need to practice but you'll sure have a clearer idea than most people.

This means even if you have only 5 mins to practice, you'll know how to get the most out of it.

This is how you eat up jazz harmony... 

...with yummy jazz guitar chords!

In addition to the videos revealing the 6 secrets, you will also receive a video of me demonstrating how I play a common (and very useful) jazz chord progression.

Suitable even if you never even tried jazz guitar before

Even if you've never played jazz guitar chords before, this video guides you step by step to get your feet wet in the world of jazz guitar chords.

Gain creative chord control today & watch the look on your friend's faces the next time you jam out!

Customer feedback

Who's this Az Samad person?

A 3-time TEDx Speaker, Guitarist-Composer-Educator Az Samad has recorded with Grammy Winners Flaco Jiménez & Max Baca; graduated & taught at Berklee College of Music; performed in the United States, Europe & Asia; and appeared on 22 CDs ranging in styles from Tex-Mex, Contemporary Jazz to solo acoustic guitar. His first book, Jazz Improvisation Uncovered received critical acclaim from jazz guitarist Julian Lage. In addition to that, Az has released 9 other educational jazz products including instructional videos and eBooks.

Az is an advocate & performer of Malay Jazz, focusing on the music of P. Ramlee & Jimmy Boyle. He has given talks & performed internationally including Jarasum International Jazz Festival (South Korea), Hong Kong International Jazz Festival (Hong Kong), multiple appearances at the Penang Islanad Jazz Festival (Malaysia), Borneo Jazz Festival (Malaysia), Mosaic Music Festival (Singapore), Thailand International Jazz Conference (Thailand) & Taipa Houses Museum Amphitheatre (Macau) invited by the The Civic and Municipal Affairs Bureau and the Cultural Bureau, in collaboration with Macau Jazz Promotion Association. Az has also performed the top jazz venues in Kuala Lumpur including No Black Tie, Bobo KL, Alexis Great Eastern Mall & Mezze Lounge.

An experienced performer, Az has performed with virtuoso violinist Roby Lakatos, former Guns N’ Roses guitarist Bumblefoot, singer-songwriter Zee Avi, funky fingerstyle guitarist Adam Rafferty and percussive fingerstyle guitarist Mike Dawes. Az has performed as part of the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra and was the classical guitar soloist for the Distant Worlds: Music from Final Fantasy Kuala Lumpur concert conducted by Arnie Roth.

Az is a guest composer for the upcoming music-based action-adventure video game, No Straight Roads. His DK West song combines rap with Malaysian traditional music elements including Dikir Barat.

What Students have said about Az's teaching:

"I've been taking jazz guitar lesson from Az for the past 13 months. It's a really satisfying process as Az slowly 'demystify' jazz to me step by step. I came to realise that jazz is not as scary as i thought when you have the right guidance and a great teacher. Az made the process of learning to play jazz really fun. I strongly recommend to anyone who wanna learn how to play jazz or improvise to take lesson with Az! His enthusiasm and passion will definitely make you a better player!"

– Seng Jinn, Jazz Guitar Student, Singapore


"The Az Samad Jazz Improvisation workshop was fantastic, it gave me the opportunity to see what is supposed to happen at practice for it to be effective. The fact that it was done over two instruments (the keyboard and guitar) gave further insight to how this can be applied. I feel like I've hit a plateau in my guitar playing due to the way I practiced, because I wasn't aware of practicing effectively, as I am a self taught musician. But this workshop truly helped me in the sense that I am now more aware and practice deliberately with the tips I've learnt rather than just doodling with my instrument as I have before. Loved the puns, the content and a chance to watch Az perform!"

– Joshua Khor, Jazz Improvisation Workshop Participant


"I just want to say that these last 11 lessons with Az helped open up an entirely new world for me in terms of playing finger-style jazz guitar. While I’m still struggling to get my playing to a level of professionalism that is required for a public performance I believe I will get there some day if I continue to be diligent in rehearsing and practicing.

Az, you have not only been a great mentor and a kind and patient teacher but extremely generous in sharing your skills, wisdom and experience with me. For this I cannot thank you enough. What I have learned from you are not just the half a dozen standards or so but more than that I have learned how to work out songs by myself, thanks to your tutoring.

I wish you the very best in your teaching and performances and will do my best to catch your gigs wherever you play."

– Joe Edwin, Jazz & Fingerstyle Guitar Student


"Taking the 2 months Jazz Masterclass with Cikgu Az was really an interesting and important journey for me as a Jazz guitar student. I learn tons in these 2 months studying with him about jazz. He covered with me so much materials in just 2 months time, from basic chord voicings to good tone quality and I really appreciate his enthusiasm and also his patients as he teaches. Through these lessons I learn the importance of learning tunes in different parts. Learning the melody and to be really familiar with it. Learning aspects of harmony in terms of comping and also chord voicings. Improvisations through the melody lines and also chord melodies.

There was an advice which I also will remember is when I said I am very scared in performing in front of people. Cikgu Az bluntly but kindly told me that if I continue to be scared why would I want to perform in the first place? That made me think real hard. I wouldn't say that I have overcome my fears completely but I trying to overcome them step by step.

I really learn a lot from Cikgu Az and he really helped me alot in improving my playing. I hope to have more masterclasses with him in the future and also hopefully one day I could actually perform with him. Thank you so much Cikgu Az! "

– Eric Tan​, Jazz Guitar Masterclass Student


"During my 7 years as a guitar student, I took private lessons with over 10 guitarists. Some of them being classical guitarists, some rock guitarists, and some jazz guitarists. Some of them being world-class performers, Berklee College of Music professors, or active guitarists in the local scene. But studying with Az Samad was definitely one of the most profound and musically enriching experience for me. His continuous and incessant passion and curiosity in guitar, motivated and inspired me to constantly work harder. Az also showed me that there is no limit when it comes to guitar, and there is always something to practice. On top of that, it is clearly evident that Az wants all of his students to succeed. Every single week, Az would go over and give feedback on all the materials I worked on, and he constantly gives information and opportunities that will benefit me or his other students. Lastly, it is absolutely unbelievable how much knowledge Az has. For almost every lesson, I would come in with different topics and questions. We covered so many different styles and topics such as: bebop line building, compositional techniques, classical guitar techniques, solo guitar, transcribing, Bach, pentatonics, soloing strategies, and so much more. For every one of these topics and questions, Az always seem to know the detailed answer, and more importantly, ways to improve and solve the question/problem I had. Az, thank you so much for all that you've taught me!"

– Chris Lee, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (Jazz Guitar Student)


"Sometimes I feel that Az Samad is like a mini Berklee to me, I know it sounds weird...

I come from China, before I met Az, I’ve already play guitar for years, and really tired of this instrument, I’m not just hit the wall, walls are the only thing happen when I play guitar. I’ve seen many guitar players and I know that they can’t help me, probably I could help them (sorry for my arrogance). Also, I’ve seen some high level guitarist too, and they still can’t help me, because teaching is a totally different thing, just like I don’t know how to teach you my mother language.

Then occasionally I met Az, watch him playing, he’s so good, and I go back home google him... Worth trying... you know...

Every time I taking the class is like a Jazz Improvisation Session, me and Az, nobody knows what’s gonna happen, so much fun and efficient, coz I won’t spend times on the things I already know."

– QuYuan Leo, Sound Engineer, Former Radio DJ, Guitarist


"I have been a guitarist for almost 10 years and thought I could just get by with chords and melody. Learning from Az has been an amazing experience, every lesson has multiplied my knowledge of music and just went I thought I learned enough about a particular thing, he amazes me with his depth of knowledge and wisdom. I always look forward to the next lesson, never knowing what I may learn and discover every session. Az Samad's lessons are tailor made for anyone, be it an aspiring musician, a music enthusiast or an advance player, he has always something to offer and in spades. He is a brilliant maestro but an equally great mentor if not better!!"

– Benjamin Khong, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (Completed The Jazz Guitar Masterclass Course)


"Like most guitar enthusiasts, I started off young, enthusiastic and eager to learn, but eventually lost my zeal and got stuck in a rut with the same licks and chord progressions. Even though I wanted so much to learn about jazz guitar playing, the online resources available kept me away with their complex lingo on jazz standards and music theory. So when I heard about Az, I immediately called about classes.

I can remember the first class with Az so vividly, the way he handles guitar classes is truly a breath of fresh air. Always smiling and warm, he unravelled the basic jazz chords, as well as their arpeggios within the first lesson. I remember driving back and trying to recall all that I had learnt, and telling my mom how much I had enjoyed the class. Moreover, taking classes with Az has reinvigorated my desire to improve and practice harder than before. He has also opened up my playing from being a purely 'pentatonic scale' player to venture beyond my comfort zones on the fretboard. To put it in a nutshell, I've truly rediscovered my passion for the guitar.

From my experience with guitar teachers, I can testify that not all great guitar players make great guitar teachers. But Az is the exception to this rule, and I can't wait to get back to classes with him, so that I can continue learning! "

– Arwin Goo, Jazz Guitar Student, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


"Studying guitar with Az Samad is awesome. The 2 months of Jazz Guitar Masterclass is a kickass journey for me, made my money well spent. Haha. Az Samad's teachings is so well structured. Talking about soloing over changes, I spent most of my time finding more licks to solo, so that I don't play the same licks over and over again in every song. After I started Az Samad's lesson, I understand that being able to play a good solo is more than just practicing licks ! Hahaha. Good one.

We talked about how to explore and practice chord voicings, melodic comping, writing lines over changes, rhythmic and melodic motif development . Trust me, Az Samad is a friendly guy and it's really easy for me to get information from Teacher Az in any topic related to guitar. At least enough for a year to practice I can say. Hahaha.

Now that I've completed this 2 months Jazz Guitar Course, I feel better at understanding about Jazz Guitar. One of the most important information that I've got from Teacher Az Samad is, there are too many things for us to practice, we have to be sure what is our goal and we want to achieve so that we can have a good direction to plan for our every practice session. Really appreciate all the information I got from classes and I'm PROUD to be Az Samad's student ! =)"

– Chee Seng, Guitarist, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

What you get

You get 9 videos now totalling 1 hour & 3 minutes of instruction as well as a 13 minute BONUS VIDEO on 'How to do Melodic Comping'.

In addition to that, you get 6 other bonuses too, making it a total of 7 bonuses 

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7x Bonuses

✅BONUS #1: Intro to Melodic Comping Lesson Pack ($7 Value)

✅BONUS #2: How to do Melodic Comping ($5 Value)

✅BONUS #3: Basic Major 7 Chord Voicings ($3 Value)

✅BONUS #4: 2 Octave Major Scales ($3 Value)

✅BONUS #5: Jazz Chord Voicing Basics ($1 Value)

✅BONUS #6: 20 Cool Open Position Amin7 Chords ($3 Value)

✅BONUS #7: 23 Cool Open Position Cmaj7 Chords ($3 Value)

Here's what you're getting:

✅(9 VIDEOS) Yummy Jazz Guitar Chords ($30 Value)

✅(LESSON PACK) Intro to Melodic Comping Lesson Pack ($7 Value)

✅(BONUS VIDEO) How to do Melodic Comping ($5 Value)

✅(PDF) Basic Major 7 Chord Voicings ($3 Value)

✅(PDF) 2 Octave Major Scales ($3 Value)

✅(PDF) Jazz Chord Voicing Basics ($1 Value)

✅(PDF) 20 Cool Open Position Amin7 Chords ($3 Value)

✅(PDF) 23 Cool Open Position Cmaj7 Chords ($3 Value)



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Yummy Jazz Guitar Chords: Creative Chord Control 101

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